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Still in NYC - A PERSON WHO SHALL REMAIN UNNAMED gave me some ritalin, and I'm going shopping for every-scent perfume. On my list: greenhouse, thunderstorm, paperback. Other notables: rubber, earthworm, glue. After that I may wander aimlessly again through Chinatown and environs. Boston tomorrow, with Sean this time, then on the 15th back to Portland for doughnuts.
Seeing that Jessica Frost still has any friends at all really pisses me off. Guys, you're being conned. She has always had a "clean bill of heart health". Always. Really. For real. I bring this up now because even seeing her name casually gives me flashbacks to her fake "kidney port" the ER nurses untaped from her side, and the "heart attacks" that were treated with placement in the mental ward rather than the ICU. There is no excuse for what she's been doing all these years, and there's no reason to pretend it's not going on, especially when other people are being suckered. I realize borderline personality disorder is a serious condition, but that isn't my or your responsibility. I can't tell those of you who know her to pass it on, especially as most of you haven't seen her in the ER first hand, just figured as long as she was still using her "heart health" to grab sympathy I'd put it out there.
Sean and I are safely in Portland. We set out from Fairbanks in my car at about 9pm Friday, threw a shoe in Destruction Bay, Yukon on Saturday morning, spent Sunday night in Prince George, and made it here in time to see Rasputina last night. Altogether we drove about 2,500 miles, not including excursions. Things are good, staying with Blyss, then tomorrow morning flying to New York.
Brian Rieck and I are trying to get some people together for some protests. The aim is to make visible that vast population who aren't thrilled about government control OR the proliferation of "christian militias". The other primary goal is to counter the national mood, lighten things up and take some of the hostility out of the dialogue - humanize our opponents and work with them on things we agree about (such as, in my case, opposing the wood stove ban and even supporting most gun rights, but obviously this is subject to individual variation), make amusing or confusing signs and so on. Anyone who's interested or wants more information let either of us know; we're planning to meet with people soon for some discussion, when depending on everyone's schedules and where depending on how much room we need. Punch and pie!

We do intend to organize further to the extent that we'd like to have a rally with speeches and free burgers, and ideally once we have more people involved we can do some concrete political stuff, but putting it bluntly, we're trying to organize anarchists. Neither of us is interested in a total consensus on anything but the non-violence part and an interest in creativity. Will clarify for food.
This tea party thing is sticking in my craw. Worse still, the coffee party, the so-called "alternative" for those who aren't social darwinists, is nothing but a limp-wristed defense of the system. For those of us who don't want Glenn Beck or Michael God-Forbid Savage to decide public policy, for the rest of us who realize the status is not quo, there is no organization taking place. What about people who want drastic fundamental change - like the tea party - but who don't want the tea party's version of "liberty", which somehow manages to also support "family values"? Supporting, in government, any religious value system is mutually exclusive to liberty. They use the word to dress their ideas up and make them look good at first glance, but in practice they are opposed to all freedom save that of gun rights and "enterprise". They do care what you do in your bedroom, they do care what should be available for you to read, they care what rights you have and how you should be allowed to run your life. You don't see Sarah Palin campaigning for gay marriage. You hear her advocating divine intervention in public policy. These are not people who care about the constitution.

Rant over: Organization. If you believe that

1. A society can be judged not by its godliness, but by the quality of life of its members.
2. Standards of quality of life vary drastically between individuals, and therefore maximum social quality of life can be achieved only by allowing full freedom for all individuals limited only by its impact on another guy's nose.
3. No government in history has solved the problem of fair distribution of wealth and therefore we need theorists on this stat to imagine, debate, and on some scale enact new solutions until we find one that works.
and 4. That the usual protest methods are tired and violence just gets you kicked out, thereby rendering neither particularly effective in changing minds,
or something similar, then we should have [hot beverage] and try to work something out.
I'm back at number 7, doing well. Not much to say, Sean's in Brooklyn til next week and Blyss moved out. The house is still full of hobos and degenerates (see Venn diagram), but now that I, the least social of the three, am sole proprietor, things have calmed down substantially. I have quit my sinnin' and settled down. The number one cause of stroke in young people is listening to old men tell boring stories, their thinning veins' revenge on the otherwise healthy. I'm surprised the military hasn't picked up on this.
See you, space cowboy!
I got fired today (no specific reason, just "wasn't working out") which is kind of good because six months is a long-ass time. Looks like I can pull it together to come back this week. May or may not bring back a bounty of produce, we'll see how the logistics work out.
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My frustration is too intense to cope. I need something to do, and writing isn't concrete enough to cut it. I am going to stop posting and start looking for paint.

Thank you to Donovan for being a little bastard. <3